Locating Historic Huntington Art Guild Members


Seeking Key Players in Historic Huntington Art Guild  The Arts Included Gallery at Huntington Arts & Entrepreneurial Center wishes to tell the story of the Huntington Arts Guild through stories and artwork.  Huntington— ​01/18/2023​ — The ​HAEC​ announces immediate inquiry for any information and artistic artifacts related to the Huntington Arts Guild. ​The Huntington Arts & Entrepreneurial Center​, located at 32 E Franklin St., hopes to tell the story of this group of creatives, from the past, in a future exhibit. The Guild has been non-operational for several years, but there are traces of the group’s artistic efforts [...]

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Tell the World Your Story: Clay Journal


Jodi Krumel has been a teaching artist, with a concentration in Ceramics, since 2004. After graduating from IU Bloomington in 1998 with a BA in Studio Fine Arts, and a BA in African American Studies, they have slowly built up a resume of working in numerous nonprofit programs throughout the Indianapolis, including Artmix, AYS, Indy Parks, IPS and the Indianapolis Art Center. Giving students an opportunity to express themselves, and heal through the creative process, has been a great life privilege.

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