Locating Historic Huntington Art Guild Members


Seeking Key Players in Historic Huntington Art Guild  The Arts Included Gallery at Huntington Arts & Entrepreneurial Center wishes to tell the story of the Huntington Arts Guild through stories and artwork.  Huntington— ​01/18/2023​ — The ​HAEC​ announces immediate inquiry for any information and artistic artifacts related to the Huntington Arts Guild. ​The Huntington Arts & Entrepreneurial Center​, located at 32 E Franklin St., hopes to tell the story of this group of creatives, from the past, in a future exhibit. The Guild has been non-operational for several years, but there are traces of the group’s artistic efforts [...]

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Holly Dowidat Artist Reception


Stunning! Exceptional Quality! I can actually see this in my home! And similar reviews could be heard throughout the Arts Included Gallery as visitors admired the work of Holly Dowidat during her artist reception. On Friday, January 6th, 2023, the Arts Included Gallery hosted an artist reception for Holly Dowidat, showcasing her exhibit “A Journey Through Clay.” Visitors had the opportunity to admire the works on display and mingle and meet with the artist, discovering her journey and inspiration behind the pieces she creates. “A Journey Through Clay” is a multifaceted exhibit experience offering a mix of sculptures [...]

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Write an Artist Statement Workshop


Katy serves as Director of Huntington Arts & Entrepreneurial Center and has been working professionally in the art field since 2007. Like many other creatives, Katy has practiced and enjoyed art from a very young age and considered herself an artist long before receiving a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Today she invests time into developing and helping artists find opportunities in the creative world. In 2021 Katy was trained to instruct the Indiana Arts Commission’s “On-Ramp Creative Entrepreneur Course” that was held as a satellite program for the state at HAEC and several other sites in Indiana. This opportunity provided professional growth and led to an interest in holding smaller arts business workshops at HAEC. Katy has previously held many creative workshops and continues volunteering and organizing public art events.

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