Pathfinder Arts & Entrepreneurial Center 32 E Franklin St., Huntington

Join instructor Abby Haskett for a body experience! Each Class is $8, or you can pay one month in advance for $25! Every Monday starting on February 19th,  a fantastic class that combines various movement and mindfulness practices to promote physical and emotional well-being. It seems to offer participants a holistic experience that focuses on self-expression, balance, and connection. Here's a breakdown of the key elements of the class: Movement Variety: The class incorporates a blend of yoga, belly dance, and somatic movements. This diverse range of movements encourages participants to explore different ways of expressing themselves physically and [...]

Learning Henna with Anna Dennie

Pathfinder Arts & Entrepreneurial Center 32 E Franklin St., Huntington

Get ready to explore the world of Henna tattooing and design! Our amazing workshop will teach you the basics of this beautiful art form, including the history and cultural significance of Henna, the tools and materials required, and the steps to create your own unique designs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, our talented instructor will guide you through the process and help you unleash your creativity. All supplies are included, so you can focus on having fun and creating beautiful Henna designs. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn a new skill and express yourself through [...]