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Yoga for everyBODY

Instructor: Andi Lee

Cost per Session: $50

Cost for BOTH Sessions: $75 (25% discount)

First Session Dates: February 8, 15, 22, 28

Second Session Dates: March 7, 14, 21, 28

**All YOGA classes are for everyBODY and beginner friendly! **

Chair Yoga ($50) – 10am – 11am

Chair yoga is a gentle practice in which postures are performed while seated and/or with the aid of a chair. Chair yoga classes typically target those with physical disabilities or aging men and women who find a typical yoga session too challenging. It is also a great form of yoga for those with desk jobs or sedentary lifestyles.

Kids Yoga ($50) – 4:45pm – 5:30pm

In this playful yoga class, children will learn yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises which cultivate a calm mind, increase strength and flexibility, improve gross and fine motor skills, improve concentration, and give children the tools to manage stress in their daily lives. Games, stories, and music will be incorporated into this fun, non-competitive class. Ages 6-12yo

Holy Yoga ($50) – 6pm – 7pm

Holy Yoga embraces the essential elements of yoga: breath work, meditation and physical postures. In all of these elements, Christ is the focus of our intention and worship. Holy Yoga programs and teachings place emphasis on the complete wellbeing of your body and soul. Our passion drives our mission by creating space for a life-changing transformation. Through Holy Yoga, you will learn and live a life’s journey of inspiration, fellowship, spirituality, and LOVE. *All faith walks welcome* Ages 13-100+

More About the Instructor:

Andi has various credentials, but she is most recognized as a certified C-RYT education provider, community activist, and self-proclaimed recovering legalist. Her lifelong experiences and passions revolve around the F U’s in life: faith, food, fitness, fellowship, finance, and FUN! Through the practice of YOGA, she teaches the importance of loving oneself and others, embracing the unique ways we are all created, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Andi Lee is the founder of the L4L Community and encourages the mantra of Learn4Life with the aspiration to Live4Love.

*Daycare available upon request*