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Wood Carving Classes with Todd Martin

Join Todd Martin in the classroom and unlock your creativity as you master the art of wood carving. These comprehensive classes are suitable for all skill levels and will take place on February 10th and March 23rd (9am – 1pm), $30 per participant.

In this course, you will embark on a journey from carving a majestic owl to crafting a whimsical wizard or a festive St. Nicholas. Todd’s expertise and guidance will enhance your skills, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced carver, and help bring intricate wooden sculptures to life.

Todd Miller, a renowned woodcarver featured in various magazines for his exceptional craftsmanship, will be instructing the classes. With his unique blend of artistic talent and teaching experience as an English professor at Huntington University, Todd brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom.

Class Structure

Class 1: Owl Carving

  • Introduction to wood carving tools and safety guidelines.
  • Understanding different wood types and selecting the right materials.
  • Step-by-step guidance on carving an owl, focusing on details like feathers and facial expressions.
  • Finishing techniques, including sanding and painting.

Class 2: Wizard or St. Nicholas Carving

  • Review of essential carving techniques from the first class.
  • Introduction to more advanced carving tools for intricate details.
  • Choosing a design and planning the sculpture.
  • Hands-on guidance in carving a wizard or St. Nicholas figure.
  • Finishing touches, including staining or painting for a polished final product.


All necessary materials, including carving tools, safety equipment, and wood blocks suitable for the projects, will be provided for each class. Participants are welcome to bring their own tools if preferred.

Age Requirement

Participants must be 14+ to take this class


Spaces are limited to ten participants, so early registration is recommended. To secure your spot in this exciting wood carving class, please sign up at artsincluded.org or pay at the door.

Unleash your artistic potential and join Todd Miller on this inspiring wood carving journey. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned carver, this class promises a fulfilling experience of turning raw wood into beautiful, handcrafted masterpieces.