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Introducing “Whimsical Whittles and Realistic Portraits,” a dual-artist exhibit set in the vibrant PAEC Arts Included Gallery. This art showcase brings together the talents of two local artists from Huntington, Indiana. We present Zhenyi Dai’s captivating portrait paintings alongside Todd Martin’s intricate hand-whittled human figures. The exhibit offers a rich sensory experience, featuring a unique blend of 2D and 3D works that push boundaries and challenge traditional mediums and techniques.

Zhenyi Dai’s artistic process is greatly influenced by her classical training in oil painting and the works of Rembrandt. Dai employs the impasto technique to create a tactile, textured effect on her canvas, lending her paintings a 3D quality. Her education at Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts in China infuses her work with a profound understanding of the elements of painting, while simultaneously exploring balance and rhythm.

Todd Martin, on the other hand, sees an untouched block of wood as a canvas teeming with potential. With over 26 years of experience, Martin skillfully transforms ordinary wood into lifelike human forms. His work is a testament to the delicate balance between an artist’s intention and the spirit of the material.

Together, these artists share an academic background that enables them to present an artful journey through observation to their local community. The time and commitment invested in their art practices resonate in the vast collection of each artist’s work, offering a unique perspective on human portraiture.

Join us February 9th at 7pm for the Whimsical Whittles and Realistic Portraits ART OPENING!

32 E. Franklin Street

Huntington, IN 46750