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Artist Tashema Davis presents “The Hood” Exhibition at HAEC  

Reframing the Perspective of Today’s Black Man 

Art Exhibit Opening 8/18/2023 – 7pm – 9pm

The Huntington Arts and Entrepreneurial Center is thrilled to announce the upcoming art exhibit “The Hood” by acclaimed artist Tashema Davis. The exhibit will open to the public on August 18th, with an artist reception from 7 pm- 9 pm, showcasing a unique and powerful perspective of today’s black man and the black body. 

Through her vivid paintings, she aims to provide a glimpse into the experiences of black men, celebrating their manhood, childhood, and fatherhood from the lens of an African American. She seeks to challenge negative stereotypes and perceptions by offering a truthful and authentic portrayal of the black male experience. “The Hood” is a tribute to black men’s strength and resilience, rising above stereotypes and showcasing the humanity and beauty that lies within. Davis’ artwork evokes a sense of freedom and inspiration for viewers, encouraging them to embrace the power of art and its capacity to transform lives. 

Emphasizing her spontaneous and emotional approach to art, Davis describes her technique, which involves starting each piece with random colors of acrylic paint, gradually building layers of meaning and emotion. Incorporating elements like text and pages from old Bibles, her paintings come to life organically, leading to profound revelations and titles that give each artwork its unique identity. 

Davis has a Master’s of Fine Art from Ball State University and is deeply committed to showcasing the beauty and strength of the African American community through her work. With a focus on portraiture and everyday experiences, she brings out the core of her subjects with expressive strokes and vibrant colors. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Davis served as an art teacher and is the proud owner of Echo Art Gallery, a space dedicated to promoting local artists and fostering creativity within the Marion, Indiana community. 

Tashema will also have a smaller body of work in her exhibit at HAEC entitled “June.” “June” is a celebration of childhood and the carefree joy that comes with the summer vacation months. Inspired by her role as a mother to two young girls, Davis channels her passion for imagination and creative play into these delightful portraits. With a focus on depth of field and drawing influence from the surrealism art movement, the artist skillfully captures the essence of childhood wonder and innocence. 

We invite the community to immerse themselves in this compelling art exhibit and experience the captivating world of “The Hood” and “June” by Tashema Davis. The exhibit will be open to the public from August 18th through September 30th. It will be a must-see for art enthusiasts and those seeking to celebrate the richness of African American culture.