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Adult Class  –  $65.00 

All ingredients and supplies included

  • Fresh Shucked oysters with classic dressing 
  • Classic shrimp cocktail 
  • Pam seared scallops with butter/wine sauce 
  • Filleted whole fish   
  • Whole lobster 
  • Garlic-herb and wine steamed mussels with toast 

This workshop is 4-hours of culinary technique with Chef Jason Winterfeld of JB’s Cuisine Machine. Jason will teach participants a range of skills while preparing a variety of seafood dishes. Participants will learn about proper but easy hot and cold preparation of several different types of dishes. This workshop will teach participants how to clean and fillet a whole fish and then season, broil, and eat! Many other culinary practices in seafood will also be explored.  

 All ingredients and culinary instruments will be provided. After everyone makes their dishes at the Culinary Kitchen at HAEC, take time to mingle and taste your creations in the Arts Included Gallery.