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Holly Dowidat’s exhibit at the Huntington Arts and Entrepreneurial Center will feature a retrospective of her work, encompassing over 15 years of studio-based artwork. Dowidat has a rich story that weaves from working at Walt Disney World’s College Program (subsequently meeting her husband their), to teaching and facilitating technician at the Michigan Art Center near Detroit, into owning and operating her own studio located in Fort Wayne. Her passion for ceramics expands from the science and chemistry of the medium, to the multifaceted outlets available within it.

In 2015 Dowidat’s studio practice took a turn to focus on exploring the output of functional wares. The diversity of creating tangible items created a new consumer base, and opportunity for expression. Dowidat considers herself to be a production potter, she uses her large output of product to aid in other small business endeavors by utilizing techniques like digital decals, illustrations, transfers, and logos. As her business and studio practice continues to grow, she echoes her intent to overlap with smaller parts of Indiana and the local small business communities within those areas.

Her passion for teaching has never left, and she is excited to teach her workshops at HAEC! Dowidat leaves us with this: “A lot of my work highlights my love for nature, the comfort I want to bring into homes, and my storytelling of the scenes I see.”