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From March 4 through May 28, 2022, the Arts Included Gallery at the Huntington Arts & Entrepreneurial Center (HAEC) will present the works of Bryan Ballinger. Bryan is an artist, writer, photographer, and graduate from the Columbus College of Art and Design. His degree in Illustration guided him to be a professor at Huntington University for 16 years and several years of illustration work for Microsoft and Big Idea Productions, the producers of VeggieTales children’s videos. His exhibit at Arts Included is called “Faulty Dogs” and will feature hand-painted original 3d dog character sculptures. In addition to the sculptures, the collection comprises original dog sketches and designs and 3d concept renders.  

An artist reception is scheduled for March 4, 2022, at the Arts Included Gallery from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Light refreshments are complimentary during the meet and greet event. People of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds are welcome to attend. Join us at HAEC, located at 32 E. Franklin St. Huntington, as we showcase the works of Bryan Ballinger.