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In this class, you will learn to make a versatile Bannock bread that can be prepared traditionally in an oven, in a skillet, or even on a stick over a fire. This is not a fancy artisan bread but a practical bread every homesteader should know. 

You will also make butter. Butter is an excellent way to preserve milk fats should you not be able to keep milk or cream cool. When the power goes out, it’s important not to have as much food waste, so we will dive into making butter and how it can be stored on the counter. Fancy equipment is also not required!  

Lastly Bark? Yes, Bark! You will learn how to turn bark from a tree into a tasty syrup that tastes like toasted marshmallows.  

About Scott:   

“As the Broke Urban Farmer, I share my journey in learning homesteading skills on YouTube. I go over how I am converting my small city lot into a food-producing property, as well as new skills I learn to end my reliance on the grocery store, and this class is an introduction to that world.” 


Bannock Bread  

Butter from scratch   

Syrup derived from tree bark