Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of creativity, talent, and artistic diversity? The Canvas & Clay: The Blair-Thomson Art Exhibition is your gateway to a vibrant community of seasoned and emerging artists pushing the boundaries of creative expression. 

Explore Our Artists: Dive into the portfolios of our featured artists and discover their unique styles, inspirations, and journeys. From captivating paintings and digital art to mesmerizing tattoo designs and pottery, our artists will take you on a visual journey that transcends boundaries. 

Meet Bobby Blair: A Huntington native and retired Army Special Forces veteran, Bobby Blair brings a wealth of life experiences to his art. Explore his captivating acrylic and oil paintings and digital art, and delve into the mesmerizing world of tattooing. Bobby’s “Tattooing Timeline” offers a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of this intricate art form. 

Discover Eva Thomson: Born and raised in Roanoke, Indiana, Eva Thomson’s artistic journey is a celebration of diverse forms and feminine beauty. Explore her intricate sewing, stunning paintings, intricate drawings, and exquisite pottery. Eva’s art speaks to the heart, inviting you to appreciate the beauty of individuality. 

Generations of Artistry: This dynamic duo displays separate styles of work, a reflection of ancestral knowledge of the arts being passed down, celebrated, and practiced. Witness the powerful connection between father and daughter as they work in tandem as artists while allowing their own studio practices to emerge and be celebrated. 

Visit the Exhibit: Join us for the grand opening on October 7th, 7 pm-9 pm at the Pathfinder Arts and Entrepreneurial Center, where you can meet the artists, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and surround yourself in a community of creativity. Can’t make it on the opening day? No worries! The exhibit will run from October 7th to November 4th, and admission is absolutely FREE! 

Support Local Art: By visiting our exhibit, you’re indulging your artistic senses and supporting the local arts community. The Arts Included Gallery displays are a testament to the talent that thrives within our city, and your presence makes a significant difference. 

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