Exciting news everyone! 🎉🎨 The incredibly talented artist Tashema Nicole Davis is coming to the Huntington Arts and Entrepreneurial Center this August for her very own solo art exhibition and to teach a couple of workshops! Her passion for all things creative and her love of drawing portraits is absolutely contagious. Her artwork is an expression of all things beautiful and meaningful in life, and she believes that art transcends the typical and doesn’t always dwell in the realm of just color, line, and form. Her art is also composed of higher thought, in the divine commission to help others become better, and to spread peace. Tashema has been creating works of art for her personal enjoyment and enhancing her skills continuously after graduate school. Within the past two years, she started creating more commissioned pieces for close friends and family, and now she’s ready to share her gifts with the world! Tashema Davis serves as a commissioner of the Marion Arts Commission in Marion Indiana. The exact dates of her exhibition and workshops will be announced soon, so stay tuned for updates. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to see her inspiring work and learn from a true master of the craft! ❤️🎨

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