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Inspired By Excellence & Creativity

We offer programs and opportunities for you to grow and make Huntington a better place to live!

What is the HAEC?

The Huntington Arts & Entrepreneurial Center is a creative hub that serves all people as they pursue their interests in art and business opportunities. Our Downtown Huntington presence is a facility that will spark expansion in the city’s economy. HAEC is committed to the revitalization of our historic downtown by turning it into a place where quality of life is at the center of importance and everyone is accepted and included.

Programs for YOU

We have plenty of programs, classes, and workshops to keep you on top of your game!

  • Community Focus – We believe in the future of history Downtown Huntington!

  • Create & Build – It’s our goal to provide the tools and resources for you to grow.

  • Locally Owned & Operated – HAEC is a joint community effort driven by LaFontaine Arts Council & Pathfinder Services.

Program Summaries

Local, regional, and national creators are inviting YOU to learn a new skill and come together for interactive entertainment. Topics may vary, but we are certain that we will host a workshop that will sharpen your creativity and grow your business.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, we host courses that instruct you on clay creations. It’s never to late to pick up a new hobby!

Use our state of the art commercial kitchen to kick-start your career in the food industry. Need to learn how to cook? We will also host workshops for people of ALL experience levels to sharpen their cooking skills.

Do you live and breath your artwork? We understand! That’s why we have apartments equipped with private studios for you to explore, focus, and build your artistic empire.

Express yourself by teaming up with HAEC to show off your creativity to those in the community! We have always been a strong believer in making arts prevalent in Huntington County Community Schools. Help us keep Huntington crafty for generations to come.




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